Hetalia Season 5 is now announced!

phase 1 of the hetalia fan outbreak: the hetalia fandom keyboard smashes for the tenth time, not believing what they've just heard.
phase 2 of the hetalia fan outbreak: the truth dawns onto the hetalia fandom in a sudden hit. season 5 is coming. the other fandoms brace themselves on what is to come, but they did not have enough time to prepare.
phase 3 of the hetalia fan outbreak: the hetalia fandom completely goes ballistic and rejoices by using various gifs, audio, and text posts to accurately express their feelings about the fact that they have just witnessed. hundreds of posts are created with the return of the members of CAPTALIA in sight. the other unsuspecting fandoms begin to take notice of this and tries to stay calm while they have their moment, but in vain.
phase 4 of the hetalia fan outbreak: a part of the hetalia fandom continues to rejoice, while the other part of the fandom begins to have a nostalgic session about how much they have missed acting like this. They resume to hugging and the flowing of tears as to express this emotion.
phase 5 of the hetalia fan outbreak: after the nostalgic session is over, the fandom begins to create their theories on what it is that will come during season 5. a fan popped up and wondered of maybe Hetaween coming into the animation. The fandom screeches in excitement. After this, more enthusiastic text posts are created, and this will continue to happen throughout the day.
phase 6 of the hetalia fan outbreak: a moment that is waiting to happen. the point of climax for the hetalia fandom. the moment where, finally, the great Himaruya updates.