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[[in response to italy’s ooc post about the olympics; BaBY PINK AND BLUE ARE MANLY FUCKING COLOURS OKAY I’m going to draw germany in it asap dfhgdfg blame her]]

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Hetalia Season 5 is now announced!

phase 1 of the hetalia fan outbreak: the hetalia fandom keyboard smashes for the tenth time, not believing what they've just heard.
phase 2 of the hetalia fan outbreak: the truth dawns onto the hetalia fandom in a sudden hit. season 5 is coming. the other fandoms brace themselves on what is to come, but they did not have enough time to prepare.
phase 3 of the hetalia fan outbreak: the hetalia fandom completely goes ballistic and rejoices by using various gifs, audio, and text posts to accurately express their feelings about the fact that they have just witnessed. hundreds of posts are created with the return of the members of CAPTALIA in sight. the other unsuspecting fandoms begin to take notice of this and tries to stay calm while they have their moment, but in vain.
phase 4 of the hetalia fan outbreak: a part of the hetalia fandom continues to rejoice, while the other part of the fandom begins to have a nostalgic session about how much they have missed acting like this. They resume to hugging and the flowing of tears as to express this emotion.
phase 5 of the hetalia fan outbreak: after the nostalgic session is over, the fandom begins to create their theories on what it is that will come during season 5. a fan popped up and wondered of maybe Hetaween coming into the animation. The fandom screeches in excitement. After this, more enthusiastic text posts are created, and this will continue to happen throughout the day.
phase 6 of the hetalia fan outbreak: a moment that is waiting to happen. the point of climax for the hetalia fandom. the moment where, finally, the great Himaruya updates.
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I’m so used to this by now that I really just shut the world out and stand still until it’s over. And trust me when I say this happens every. fucking. day. For at least an hour.

It could have been worse, I suppose.

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[[Considering it’s Thursday and we still have a couple days left until I can access my scanner and spam you guys with shittily drawn posts, I will present to you- /DRUM ROLLS DUN DUN DUUUN/ -my headcanon. Read ‘em and weep.




Germany isn’t nearly as socially awkward as his 1P counterpart. In fact, he’s quite the charmer, and this is the façade he will present to everyone (how much of it is a façade is up for debate though, oh ho ho). He’s very good with words and generally has no troubles winding someone around his finger. He is also a sadist, taking pleasure in finding incredible ways to torture people (his personal favourite is gassing, though). He has one constant victim (Italy), because somehow, he will find ways to break Germany’s calm. Goddamn masochist. Psh.

It’s safe to say that Italy and Japan are the only ones who have seen him lose his cool over certain things. He likes to fuck with people on occasion, as well (in every sense of the word, trust me), and has no qualms about getting rid of them once he’s had enough.

Germany is also still as much a dog person as his 1P self, and has three dogs; a German shepherd (Axel), a Czech wolfdog (Dirk) and a German mittlespitz (Artur). Axel and Dirk are with him wherever he goes, posing as guard dogs (the both of them are rather laid-back, though violent when provoked, like their owner). Artur remains at home, to guard the property. Don’t be mistaken, he may be small and fluffy, but he is by far the most aggressive of all, and only allows Germany to touch him.

No one had better try and threaten his dogs, or bones will be broken.

Germany is also always on the look-out for any kind of trouble that Italy might create, since he’s, well, Italy.

Hobbies include cleaning, cooking and (surprisingly enough) art.



And this really is all I have so far. I’ll end up tweaking and adding stuff as I go on, I bet. Hee hee]]

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omg in all srsness I am dying. I can’t handle this. where is my scanner when I need it dfhgfkdgfd ahahahaha- /cries

please continue you people are amazing

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2p-uk replied to your post: OOC: guys! Thank you for the followers even though…

OOC: No worries! I’m sure you’ll do a much better job than I am, goodness, I’m probably butchering poor England. orz And AHAHA, that’s makes two of us then! (The whole doing it for our mutual friend, Italy, thing dsgjdsdfbh)

OOC: oh gods no you’re doing just fine from what I can see! Well, let’s look at it this way; we can butcher these guys together, then :I;;;

At least it’s all about fun, haha-… /murdered by the 2P fandom

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OOC: guys! Thank you for the followers even though I’ve yet to post anything. I’m sorry for setting up this blog already even though I currently have no access to a scanner, and therefore can’t post. I’m sorry. I’m doing this mostly for my Italy, who has just made the best post ever haha. It’s been a while since I did anything Hetalia related so don’t kill me, please :’D I’ll get better over time! I hope.

tl;dr: can’t post until next week when I get home, thank you for following and much love to my Italy.

and p.s: pls excuse my shitty German it’s been almost over a year since I last had any classes on it. I’ll try my best though since it’s not too different from my native language~ (feel free to correct me mmyes)